This year, 2011, is the year of seeking questions, more than answers, for one mom and two daughters, a teen and a tween, in Austin, Texas. To provide a structure for my children’s spiritual illumination, I am opening up a path of consideration, a year of thoughtful reflection upon all of the world’s religions. We are spending these twelve months together, on our couch, around our dining table, and all around our community asking about the many ways that many souls seek the divine.

My girls have a Buddhist mother and a formerly Catholic father who is now exploring a modern non-denominational Christian church. They have been included in aspects of these religious traditions, but not inculcated in them. We definitely meet the criteria of a “spiritual but not religious” family.

We are divorced and very dedicated to providing our girls a stable, loving familial constellation. I often say that we have two houses, but one home. Two flourishing girls just say that they are happy, with many loving souls all around them. Looking out to many other loving souls around the world, and throughout time, is the next step on our family’s path of growth and encouragement. Onward!